21 Feb

What does the phrase; “It is well with you” mean? Most people will probably agree that it means Wellness; Beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessions, when viewed from either sacred or secular lens. The intent in this post is not to diminish or impugn the significance of exercise, dieting and even possessions and wealth regarding wellness and wellbeing of any human being. Indeed, most people will argue that the first two elements, exercise and dietary habits are very crucial to wellness and wellbeing. There is no debate about that. The argument can also be made that a certain amount or level of the other two elements, i.e. wealth and possessions, is also required for well-being. Again, no disagreement about that. The crucial point being made here is that even when you have the whole package, i.e. the four elements, true wellness and wellbeing may still elude you. Why is that?

Obey your parents; Wellness; Beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessionsIn real life and from a practical day to day point of view of life experiences, wellness would certainly connote different meanings at different stages of a human being’s life. It is well with an infant as long as he or she eats, including breast feeding, sleeps well, cries appropriately, gains weight normally, moves the bowel and urinates normally and has no health issues. It is well with a teenager who is obedient to the parents, to the teachers and coaches at school, and does not cross clearly established verboten lines despite flattering with the usual indiscretions of youth. Indeed, at this stage of anybody’s life, i.e. the teenage years, it might be asking too much from the teenager to adopt the idea of wellness; beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessions as his or her mantra. The peer pressure and the urge to conform are sometimes simply too powerful. This situation can continue until early adulthood. However, by late adulthood, maturity is supposed to set in.

Inspirational Quote by Mother Teresa: Wellness; Beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessions
Inspirational Quote by Mother Teresa

From late adulthood onwards, especially at the prime of a person’s career and beyond, the search for meaning in life and for inner peace dictates that a responsible person would seek, and ideally have some grasp of a deeper understanding of true wellness and wellbeing. This deeper understanding takes you away from the visible realm of wellness and wellbeing, namely, the big house, the fancy cars and may be private jets and yachts, the expensive beautiful clothes and jewelry, the power, the great job and right carrier, the fat bank account and the celebrity status. You ascend and are propelled to the invisible realm. That invisible realm is wellbeing and wellness; beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessions. Participation in that invisible realm is available to anybody who is ready to do the hard work including deep reflection, soul searching and separation of the mind from all the external ephemeral opulence which sadly many people perceive as permanent. However, it requires a fundamental transformation of the mind. While it is not for the faint hearted, it is quite doable. Entrance into that invisible realm requires a person to recognize that living his or her dharma is the essential service to humanity and the path to inner peace and happiness.

Good healthcare is part of wellness. However, there is a distinction between healthcare and wellness. Healthcare is, to a large extent driven by government policies at federal, state and local levels, by one’s employer, or in the case of self employed individuals, by the affordability of insurance and capacity to fund healthcare expenses. Sure, the individual must play his or her own part. You must follow your doctor’s advice and you must exercise and eat well.  True wellness on the other hand, in addition to good healthcare, is achieved largely by the decisions, behavior and actions and the state of mind of the individual which also, in several instances would include a spiritual component.

Take personal responsibility; Wellness; Beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessionsThese dimensions of wellness; beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessions, i.e, personal responsibility, mindfulness, good behavior and spirituality are crucial for attaining true wellness and wellbeing. They are values that help to set one’s gaze beyond self and even one’s immediate family unto a higher horizon that seeks the common good. Thus, a person’s wellness and wellbeing becomes an expression of the same in the society at large and this bodes well for peace and stability in the society.It is the ultimate expression of wellness; beyond exercise, dieting, wealth and possessions.

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