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Quote from Abraham Lincoln Taking personal responsibility leads to well being
Take personal responsibility

Hard working, committed smart people can stagnate or even retrogress in their personal lives if they fail to realize that taking personal responsibility leads to well- being. Several factors come into play when one talks about true well being. These include physical and mental fitness, success in one’s career and personal relationships and fulfillment of one’s desired purpose in life especially having an impact beyond one’s immediate family and comfort zone. There are several reasons why many people fall short in these areas. There are the immaturity and feeling of invincibility of teen age years. There are the indiscretions and “I know it all” mentality of the young individual in his or her 20s. Then there is the pride, arrogance and overt pursuit of worldly things of middle age, and sometimes beyond. In all these stages of life, it is more convenient and easier to blame someone else or the society for one’s failures. The hard thing , and most of the time the noble thing to do is to take responsibility for the consequences of one’s choices and actions. The human condition has a way of pulling people away from realizing the fact that taking personal responsibility leads to well-being. Many people will rather give flimsy excuses and blame others rather than looking at themselves in the mirror and focussing the lens on themselves. Why? Because that is more convenient and they can avoid any blame and accountability.

With humility and courage Taking personal responsibility leads to well being

Self reflection, humility, courage and patience are essential attributes required in order to consistently take personal responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences of one’s choices. It requires good parenting, mentoring at school, at work and in the houses of worship for these attributes to germinate and mature in all of us. The rewards of the additive effects of all these efforts lead to well-being, not just for individuals and their immediate families, but for society at large. The quality of life of the people is markedly improved physically, mentally and emotionally. By and large, progress is more likely to occur in such an environment, where there is a critical mass of people who believe that taking personal responsibility leads to well-being.

So, eat healthy, keep moving, exercise at least three times a week, 45 minutes to one hour per session, keep learning new things and you are on your way to wellness and you would avoid rust. Are you a believer in this credo or do you have comments? We would like to hear from you. You can also check out the links in this post. The ads on the right side of this page deal with  physical and mental fitness, exercise equipments and tools, healthy diets, books on healthy living, wellness and wellbeing.  Please feel free to check them out.

Learning together Taking personal responsibility leads to well being
taking personal responsibility
Group Exercise Taking personal responsibility leads to well being
taking personal responsibility for your health


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