29 Oct
Women including middle age lady Playing Soccer; Steps you can take even in midlife to avoid rust in old age
Women including middle age lady Playing Soccer


“The earlier the better” is a familiar expression, however research has also shown that there are steps you can take even in midlife to avoid rust in old age. By rust, I mean physical and mental rust. That is, physical and mental decline and impairment of sharpness of the mind. Now, this is not a platform to encourage or defend a lackadaisical attitude towards one’s health as a young man or woman. This post is a reminder that if, for whatever reason, the earlier window of opportunity in life to maintain good health was missed, it is never too late for a person in his or her 50s, 60s or even early 70s, to regain good health, although the challenge gets harder as the years go bye.

quote on steps you can take even in midlife to avoid rust in old ageYes, beyond issues related to personal health, other tangential but very relevant issues would cross one’s path in mid life and quite often would engage one’s attention. These are inescapable realities of the human experience. Nonetheless, in order to live life adorned with purpose and true happiness, it is incumbent on all of us to pay attention to our health. Not only would the invaluable yield from such a purposeful focus on good health bode well for the wellness and overall wellbeing of the individuals, the effect would carry over to people they live with and interact with. Yes, there are steps you can take even in midlife to avoid rust in old age. However, in order to develop a genuine mindset to take action with these steps, one must first acknowledge the fact that there is a problem and that the problem requires appropriate attention. Second, you must reach into the deep recesses of your mind,  and make the choice to address the health issues with courage, a sense of urgency, commitment and persistence.

Family dinner with fish, potato and salad; Steps you can take even in midlife to avoid rust in old age
Family dinner with fish, potato and salad

So, what’s next, after you decide to ‘face the music’, and you admit their is a problem, these are some of the steps you can take even in midlife to avoid rust in old age. First: You must set realistic achievable goals. Wether the goal is related to weight loss, for example, loosing a certain amount of weight per week or per month, or sticking with some form of dietary plan or a regular exercise program. The goals must be anchored on reality. Second: You must be persistent and must not be discouraged by setbacks and disappointments along the road. Stick with the plan. You will not faint, and if you do, you can get up. You must be motivated, focussed on the tasks at hand and work hard to achieve the goals. Third: You must live daily with mindfulness and believe in the power of possibilities and strong desire to accomplish the goals. Fourth: Do not hesitate to seek advise from your doctor and other health professionals, and follow their advise judiciously. Depending on your particular situation, other steps can come into play. However, you can use these 4 steps as the cornerstone and build on them.

Fitness motivation quote; Steps you can take in midlife to avoid rust in old age
Fitness motivation quote.

“Easier said than done”; anybody can just spill out any number of steps you can take even in midlife to avoid rust in old age, skeptics may proclaim. Well, let’s be clear about one thing. The truth is that any endeavor that benefits the human body and mind in a sustained fashion requires hard work, commitment, focus and perseverance. Good health and sound mind in an elderly person do not come easy. If you want these two features in your life; no physical rust and no mental rust, you must work hard to accomplish the goals. They do not come easy, especially as you get older. You must earn them. Any unwillingness to be fully engaged in the various aspects of the process will compromise your chance of achieving the stated goals. So, take action. The action does not need to be perfect, or 100%. Whatever you think the percentage of your expectation that is being accomplished may be, 50%, 60%, 70% or 80% is much better than nothing.

So, eat healthy, keep moving, exercise at least three times a week, 45 minutes to one hour per session, keep learning new things and you are on your way to wellness and you would avoid rust. The materials obtained through the links in this article can also enhance your effort to avoid both physical and mental rust. The ads on the right side of this page deal with  physical and mental fitness, exercise equipments and tools, healthy diets, books on healthy living, wellness and wellbeing.  Please feel free to check them out. Also, I look forward to your comments about this post.



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