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Do you really mean it that loyalty to Duty keeps the mind sharp as you age? Yes I do. As you dig deep into the meaning of the word “Duty”, you will discover that its association with a sharp mind is congruent. So, what is “Duty”? Duty, as ordinarily construed implies one’s responsibility and what the society expects an individual or individuals to do. Thus, a good citizen of a nation performs his or her duty when he or she lives a life anchored on the supremacy of the common good. The pursuit of causes that are ‘just’ is emblematic of a person’s virtue and a reflection of the individual’s fidelity to duty.


Altruism and leadership Loyalty To "Duty" Keeps the Mind Sharp as you age
The Allied commander and US general Dwight D Eisenhower gives instructions to paratroopers June 5, 1944Really?
Desirable mode of living Loyalty To "Duty" Keeps the Mind Sharp as you age
Loyalty, Duty and the Human Mind

This fidelity to “Duty requires a caring attitude for others, love of fellow human beings with no expectation of any return favors,  a deep sense of justice, discipline, zeal for knowledge, deep thought and moderation. Of course, in order to live one’s life along this path, one has to be in good health. So, the incentive to exercise, eat well, pursue mentally challenging activities is profound for anyone who has a strong sense of duty. This type of living experience is more likely to sharpen the mind. It is more likely to produce inner peace and happiness rather than inner torture and sadness.

Furthermore, the thought processes involved in the introspection and self assessment of one’s duty to others and the society and the discourse with similar minded people can contribute immensely to slowing down mental rust. It is also possible that if indeed duty arises from a person’s sense of virtue, then spirituality, the positive attitude that comes from it, cannot be overlooked as a contributor to keeping the mind sharp.

The personification of "Duty" Loyalty To "Duty" Keeps the Mind Sharp as you age
Pope John Paul II with Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Another dimension of fidelity to duty is commitment to doing what is right irrespective of the risks and consequences. That commitment in the individual’s personal life, professional life and spiritual life nurtures a balanced restful mind. It is a lifestyle with the necessary tools to weather the inevitable challenges of life and the ups and downs of the human condition. So, eat healthy, keep moving, exercise at least three times a week, 45 minutes to one hour per session, keep learning new things and you are on your way to wellness and you would avoid rust.

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