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Group participation by older adults Fun Ways to stay mentally sharp as you age
Fitness, fun & fellowship for senior adults

In order to have fun, you must enjoy what you do, and those activities provide real fun ways to stay mentally sharp as you age. Incapacitating forgetfulness, physical and mental rust are not necessarily the destiny of mankind in old age. They can be though, if people do not take the necessary time proven steps to wade off the morbidity. Yes, as we enter the senior citizen’s club,  the physical and mental challenges mount. Aches and pains in the joints, impaired swift mobility, impaired vision, hearing loss and even sometimes speech problems. Some people may also experience difficulty with recall and difficulty retaining new information, especially information in areas outside their area of expertise during their active working days. So, the frustration is understandable, especially if these events cause incapacitation. The challenge is how to prevent becoming overwhelmed and thus loosing the desire and the courage to deal with the situation wisely. Obviously, activities that provide real fun in addition to their intrinsic benefits are more likely to appeal to people than more structured and regimented activities.

Group activities by older adults Fun Ways to stay mentally sharp as you age
Seniors attending a stretching class

Its must be emphasized that it is never late to begin these activities at any age. However, we strongly advice people to make these activities, or at least some of them, essential components of their lifestyle, several years or even decades before becoming senior citizens. The cumulative effects of the benefits over the years will put you at an advantage in your senior years.

The following are examples of activities that can provide real fun for senior citizens in addition to enhancing their physical and mental well being.

  • Seniors gardening Fun Ways to stay mentally sharp as you age
    Fun-summertime activities for seniors

    Outdoor activities especially in partnership with a friend or friends. These activities include gardening, fishing, going to the park and visiting museums and other places of interest in their community.

  • Learning new things like how to play musical instruments, drawing, painting, sewing and sharpening your computer skills. Working on puzzles also helps to stimulate the mind.
  • Seniors playing cards Fun ways to stay mentally sharp as you age
    Seniors having fun while enjoying the game of cards

    Building new relationships by joining senior citizens group and visiting senior citizens centers. In the center, you can participate in activities like exercises, dancing, group reading and taking trips. These activities will also help to avoid social isolation.

  • Volunteering with a friend or friends in local schools, hospitals and community events.

The above is not an all inclusive list, but the idea is this. Get off the chair and keep moving. Do something for yourself and for others. Keep learning new things. Eat well. Finally, have fun doing all these things and you will be rewarded with physical and mental well being. So, eat healthy, keep moving, exercise at least three times a week, 45 minutes to one hour per session, keep learning new things and you are on your way to wellness and you would avoid rust.

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