18 Mar

Good health, wellness and wellbeing are our “natural” dreams which can fall apart unexpectedly, but despite unfulfilled expectations, you can avoid rust physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. At each stage and phase of our lives, we not only have dreams, we also have certain expectations of ourselves and we map the pathway for achieving those expectations and dreams. However, the reality of life is that  sometimes, due to no fault of ours, those expectations are not met and the dreams are not fulfilled. So, how do you remain hopeful, stay focussed and avoid potentially catastrophic life derailment? This is where appropriate choices and coping mechanisms come into play. These two elements are crucial if we are to avoid physical, emotional, mental and spiritual decline and rust. Making the right choice and mustering the best coping mechanisms help to avoid becoming drenched with pessimism.

Coping with Unfulfilled Expectations; Despite unfulfilled expectations, you can avoid rust
Coping with Unfulfilled Expectations

To maintain good health and wellness in the face of unfulfilled expectations can be very challenging. When the situation is still rectifiable, for instance in the case of favorable biological clock, then it is relatively easier to be optimistic. However, when the reverse is the case, with for instance, unfavorable biological clock, then acceptance, fortitude and perseverance are sorely needed to weather the storm. Another major factor which comes into play in situations of unfulfilled dreams and expectations is the availability and strength of the social support system for the individual. This support system includes family members, friends, fellow worshippers in the church, synagogue, temple or mosque, colleagues at work and philanthropic entities. With adequate level of support and the right coping mechanisms, despite unfulfilled expectations, you can avoid rust.

Naturally, coping mechanisms for life’s adversities would vary from person to person. Some people would withdraw into a shell, a situation which can result in physical and mental rust and ultimately lead to depression. Such a response should be avoided. Some people would seek solace and relief in alcohol abuse and various drugs to numb the pain of the moment. That response is inimical to any healing and should also be avoided. Others, with help of their social network would seek medical help, spiritual and psychological counseling depending on the nature of the adversity. That is a wise course of action. Every situation is unique although there might be some superficial similarities between few situations. Thus it is incumbent on the affected person and the support system to tailor the possible solutions accordingly. It would be unwise to plug the affected individual into some predetermined robotic formula which is expected to eliminate the pain and suffering or even assuage the problem.

Quote on Dreams and Expectations; Despite unfulfilled expectations, you can avoid rustThe take home message from this post is that in life unfulfilled expectations are very common, and some people will even argue that they are the normal order of things. Thus, when we find ourselves in situations we did not envisage due to non fulfillment of certain goals, the situations are not final and should be treated as hiccups and temporary obstacles. Rather than allowing the adverse situation to lead to physical and mental rust, the appropriate response can usher in a period of fulfillment. Thus,  despite unfulfilled expectations, you can avoid rust and move on with courage and passion for your new goals.

The information contained in this article can contribute to your effort to maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and a balanced life. So, eat healthy, keep moving and exercise at least three times weekly and better still, exercise daily. The ads on the right side of this page deal with  physical and mental fitness, exercise equipments and tools, healthy diets, books on healthy living, wellness and wellbeing.  Please feel free to check them out. Also, I look forward to your comments regarding this post.



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