15 Mar

Acceptance quote; Acceptance and Moving on are crucial for wellbeingAfter the phase of the indiscretions of youth, as one journeys through mid life, the wise realizes that acceptance and moving on are crucial for wellbeing. Acceptance is not the equivalent of “giving in”, surrendering or loosing hope. Rather, acceptance of one’s situation wether the situation is good or bad, involves pushing the pause button, so to speak, taking stock, undergoing deep reflection, recalibrating and chatting a new direction. Acceptance involves recognition and embrace of the mystery of the moment, which certainly is not completely clear to us, and a thoughtful emergence into the positive possibilities of the future. These actions are essential preparations for handling the inevitable vicissitudes of life. Much too often, pain and suffering are looked upon  by some people, exclusively as potentially catastrophic conditions. This type of attitude results in poor and self destructive coping mechanisms. Those individuals who are able to marshall the features of acceptance stated above would see pain and suffering as essential life lessons for a better future and would respond accordingly.

In life, unfulfilled expectations are part of the human experience. Indeed, some would argue that at least in many situations, it is the hallmark of the human condition. The unfulfilled expectations could be failure to attain a long desired carrier goal, failure to sustain a desired relationship, failure to attain an expected self imposed level of financial success or inability to meet certain obligations try as you may. On the other side, there are situations that involve one’s expectations of a spouse, a child or children, family members, associates at work, an employee , an employer, a friend or a mentor. In all these situations, both on one’s side and on the side of other individuals, when these expectations are not met, acceptance and moving on are crucial for wellbeing.

Patience & Acceptance; Acceptance and Moving on are crucial for wellbeingThe reader might wonder why a blog site devoted to health, wellness and wellbeing would devote a column to acceptance and wellbeing. Is this not too much of a stretch? The answer? Absolutely not. It is not a stretch at all. Why?  Because, like it or not, you will stumble in life, their would be unexpected illness, unexpected bumps along carrier paths and unexpected disappointments in relationships. These situations call for faith, hope, courage, patience and the right attitude in formulating a prudent response  in order to avoid making things worse and to proceed in the right direction. That is why acceptance and moving on are crucial for wellbeing.

Martin Luther King Jr. on Acceptance and Hope; Acceptance and Moving on are crucial for wellbeingEating a healthy diet, frequent consistent exercise, non smoking, life long learning and obeying the instructions and advice of one’s doctors and healthcare providers are essential for maintaining good health and for wellbeing. They are essential in order to avoid both physical and mental rust. Still, in addition to these good living habits, the reality of the human condition and human experience is that none of us can escape the unexpected and undesired pain and suffering, both physical and emotional. These situations have to be dealt with at the physical level, spiritual, and emotional levels. That is where acceptance and moving on come in. That is why acceptance and moving on are crucial for wellbeing of not only the individual but for all those who are involved in the life of that individual. So, keep soldiering on. Keep moving physically, mentally and spiritually. You will attain a peaceful, meaningful, mindful life.

The information contained in this blog post can contribute to the enhancement of your effort to maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and a balanced life. So, eat healthy, keep moving and exercise at least three times weekly and better still, exercise daily. The ads on the right side of this page deal with  physical and mental fitness, exercise equipments and tools, healthy diets, books on healthy living, wellness and wellbeing. Please feel free to check them out. Also, I look forward to your comments regarding this post.




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