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5 ways travel keeps your mind sharp into old age you-are-never-too-old-to-set-another-goal-or-to-dream-a-new-dreamWether you are in the infancy, prime or sunset of your career, you should consider these 5 ways travel keeps your mind sharp into old age. Why? Because travel experiences lead you away from the knowings and familiarities of your habitual mind and physical self to a new realm of unexplored reality. Travel can be for business, pleasure or both. It can also be undertaken to accomplish specific goals for an individual or a group. In order to obtain maximum benefits from travel, and develop an unclouded perception of the forthcoming experience, some preparation is required. The extent, the depth and the duration of the preparation for the travel all have significant impact on how much the mind is able to fill those gaps that exist in “what you know”.

Daily physical activities; 5 ways travel keeps your mind sharp into old age
Physical activities for at least 30 minutes each day improves your brain health

The 5 ways travel keeps your mind sharp into old age would involve the following themes:  1. Language. 2. Culture. 3. History. 4. Geography. 5. Exercise.

With exception of exercise, the other four themes involve some formal and informal education. As you prepare for the journey, it is important to make sure that you are able to communicate with the people when you arrive at your destination especially if the inhabitants speak a different language. Furthermore, in order to fill those gaps in your knowledge of the destination and to develop a renewed perception of the place, some basic understanding of the history, culture and geography of the community is warranted. These pre – requisites for a fruitful and satisfying travel experience can all be fulfilled before you travel by taking courses in a local college or online. The formal studies can also be supplemented by readings in books and magazines.

Tourists visiting Temple, Beijing, China; 5 ways travel keeps your mind sharp into old age
Tourists and Temple, Beijing, China

As you go through these formal and informal education, not only do you acquire new knowledge and understanding of peoples and sites outside your comfort zone, you are able to edit previously acquired erroneous information and perceptions. In addition, any self reflection, which is advisable for all of us, would stimulate you to listen to your inner self for better understanding of humanity, the human condition and human experience. While the mystery of the human condition and the complex situations we all face in life would not be answered by any amount of travel, these experiences help to develop new clarity, perception and renewed form of thinking about other people and their culture. It also helps to provide ongoing sharp mind, physical fitness and inner strength.

5 ways travel keeps your mind sharp into old age, travel group viewing a great site
Travel group viewing a great site

The capacity to view and understand  the world beyond one’s city, state, country or even continent is a valuable mind renewal tool. This capacity is enhanced by appreciation of the beauty of a culture that is different from one’s culture. This capacity can be nurtured and maintained far beyond middle age into old age by, among other things, travel. The awareness, curiosity and consideration of humanity as a whole would contribute to the fitness of the mind and the body, slo0wing down physical and mental rust. This is an asset not only personally for the individual, but it provides the vitality and energy which the person can deploy to mentor the next generation. After all, at the end of the day, is that not one of the most important duties of any human being? To be fruitful, not just for your personal benefit, the benefit of your family or your clan, but for the benefit of society. To do your own part to leave a better world for the next generation.

So, eat healthy, keep moving, exercise at least three times a week, 45 minutes to one hour per session, keep learning new things and you are on your way to wellness and you would avoid rust. The materials obtained through the links in this article can also enhance your effort to avoid both physical and mental rust. The ads on the right side of this page deal with  physical and mental fitness, exercise equipments and tools, healthy diets, books on healthy living, wellness and wellbeing. These ads include sources related to travel. Please feel free to check them out. Also, I look forward to your comments about this post.



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